Sound Division


Our studio is a place created for musicians by musicians. It came to be due to passion, persistence and many years of experience.



Recording Sessions

Complete realization – tracks recording and postproduction


Studio recordings mixing , track editing, reamping.


Adapting to standards, standarization of music production.

Other services include

Reader recordings

Track Regeneration


A place with a rich history


We`ve wanted to share musical knowledge and produce great albums since forever. Cooperating with great producers, such as Arkadiusz “Malta” Malczewski made it all possible! The studio offers high-end recording equipment and backline. Its location in Warsaw makes it easy to get there. If you are interested in cooperation and willing to entrust your projects to us – do not hesitate to write. We hope we can meet your requirements!


People we cooperate with

Sebastian Haas

sound engineer, producer

Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski

sound engineer, producer


Sound Division was a beginning of my beautiful adventure with sound. I’m grateful for every moment spent among this wonderfull place on Iwicka 17 street

FIlip Hałucha

Vesania, Heinrich House

Sound Division is a place that, thanks to its perfect atmosphere, professional and passionate crew od specialists, forces the musician to go the extra mile and push themselves and their music even further.

Szczepan Inglot

Shodan, Banisher