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Recording sessions

Complete realization – tracks recording and postproduction


Studio recordings mixing , track editing, reamping.rn

(Polski) Mastering

Adapting to standards, standarization of music production.rn


Reader recordings, remastering, track regeneration, rehearsal room.rn

About us

A few words about Sound Division Studio.
A place with a rich history

Our studio is a place created for musicians by musicians. It came to be due to passion, persistence and many years of experience. We`ve wanted to share musical knowledge and produce great albums since forever. Cooperating with great producers, such as Arkadiusz “Malta” Malczewski made it all possible! The studio offers high-end recording equipment and backline. Its location in Warsaw makes it easy to get there. If you are interested in cooperation and willing to entrust your projects to us – do not hesitate to write. We hope we can meet your requirements!

Sound engineers

People we cooperate with
Sebastian Has
sound engineer, producer
Musician, sound engineer, specializes in rock, pop-prock and progressive music genres.
Arkadiusz “Malta” Malczewski
sound engineer, producer
He`s working with Behemoth as a sound engineer.
– Decapitated - Carnival is Forever
– Behemoth - Evangelion
– Black River - Black’n’Roll
– Thunderbolt - Apocalyptic Doom
– Vesania - God the Lux
– Behemoth - Demigod


Example tracks recorded in our studio


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